Homemade soup du jour (v) see server for today’s soup                    £5.95

Breaded calamari with rocket salad, tartar sauce & lemon wedge       £8.50

Chicken liver pate onion marmalade, crusty ciabatta bread                £7.95

Breaded Camembert (v) with cranberry & red onion marmalade           £7.95

Crispy Chilli beef prawn crackers, cucumber, spring onion                £8.95

Tempura tiger prawns sesame, Asain salad, wasabi mayonnaise              £9.50

Old smoked salmon horseradish, capers, lemon rye bread                   £8.25

Crispy soft shell crab Asian bun, spicy mayo, cripsy tempura crab        £9.50

Prawn & advocado tian lemon rye bread, Marie rose, cherry tomato     £8.50

Mini chicken tacos served with chive sour cream & salad              £7.95



Baked Camembert (v) baked camembert studded with garlic & rosemary served with lots of warm crusty bread & onion marmalade                                                        £12.50

Billingsgate fish platter softshell crab sliders, tuna tartar tacos, oak smoked salmon with horseradish, Atlantic prawns with Marie Rose                                           £19.20

Shepherd Sharer crispy beef with prawn crackers, tempura tiger prawns with wasabi mayonnaise, pulled pork croquettes with BBQ                                          £19.20



Crusty ciabatta board (v) olive oil, balsamic & salted butter                                  £4.95

Pot of olives (v) marinated olives                                                                 £3.50

Prawn crackers with sweet chilli                                                                 £3.25

Garlic Ciabatta (v) crusty ciabatta with garlic & parsley butter                   £4.25

Mozzarella ciabatta (v) ciabatta with garlic butter & cheese                      £5.25

Cheesy chips  (v)                                                                                                   £4.50

Cheesy Fat chips with curry sauce (v)                                                         £4.95

Seafood basket Scampi, calamari & battered prawn with tartar sauce                     £7.95

Homemade Scotch egg with real ale ketchup & rocket                   £7.50

Crispy whitebait basket served with spicy mayonnaise & lime wedge                 £7.20

Tempura halloumi with sweet chilli sipping sauce & rocket                    £6.95

Homemade pork scratchings with warm apple puree                                    £5.95



The Burger 8oz Aberdeen Angus burger, lettuce, tomato, onions, burger mayo, cheese, bacon, gherkin, onion rings, julienne fries                                                                   £14.95

Gressingham duck breast pan roast duck breast served pink, orange & fennel salad, asparagus, sweet potato parmentier, port dressing                                                       £19.20

Chicken Katsu curry crispy breaded chicken fillets, steamed jasmine rice, soy, edemame beans, sesame, Katsu curry sauce, coriander cress                                                     £17.95

Crispy Pork Belly Asain spices, honey & soy glaze, egg noodles, tender steam broccoli, chilli, garlic, spring onion, sesame, lime, coriander                                                          £17.95

English Lamb rump rump of English lamb served pink, champ mash, sautéed green beans, parsley cress, minted lamb jus                                                                      £19.25

Breaded Whitby scampi wholetail scampi from Whitby, triple cooked chips, tartare sauce, crushed peas, lemon wedge, large gherkin                                                  £15.95

Fish & Chips larger beer battered cod fillet, hand cut triple cooked chips, tartare sauce, crushed peas, lemon wedge, large gherkin                                                              £16.95

Wild Var Salmon pan fried salmon fillet, warm crushed jersey’s, asparagus, chorizo, Shetland mussels, white wine, shallots, soft herbs                                                          £18.95

Provencal Sea Bass fillet pan fried sea bass fillet, roast red pepper & chorizo puree, baby courgette, cherry tomatoes, marinated artichoke, sauteed potatoes & basil oil                                                                                       £19.50



– Buttered spinach – Sautéed green beans – Stem broccoli -19.20 – House side salad – Beer battered onion rings – sweet fries — Julienne fries – Triple cooked chips – Caesar side salad –




Our Aberdeen Angus beef is grain fed and matured for 28 days

Char-grilled 28 day aged 8oz sirloin steak                                      £25.50

Char-grilled 28 day aged 9oz rib eye steak                                     £27.25

Char-grilled 28day ages 8oz fillet steak                                           £29.50


Our steaks are all cooked over charcoal & served with Portobello mushroom, slow roast tomato &triple cooked hand cut chips



“Surf” Tiger prawns cooked in chilli & garlic                                              £3.50

Brandy & Peppercorn sauce OR Creamy blue cheese sauce         £1.95




Shepherd & Dog house salad (v) cucumber, gem lettuce, tomatoes, pine nuts, ciabatta croutes, Blackstick blue cheese, honey lemon dressing                                       £10.95

Classic Caesar salad baby gem lettuce, ciabatta croutes, parmesan cheese, crispy bacon & homemade Caesar dressing                                                                                   £10.95

Asain salad (v) sticky soy & honey dressing, gem lettuce, rocket, chilli, cashews, spring onion, carrot, baby spinach, coriander, cucumber                                                            £10.95

Warm Quinoa & goats cheese salad (v) sun dried tomato, caramelized red onion, pine nuts, sweet potato, spring onion, rocket                                                                £12.50



– Grilled chicken breast – King prawns – Sliced avocado — Tempura halloumi – Crispy bacon – Oak smoked salmon — Breaded calamari – Atlantic prawns – Asian pork belly-


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